Business Intelligence SIG: Do you know what customers are saying about you and your products?



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    Topic: Do you know what customers are saying about you and your products?

    With the rapid expansion of the Internet’s influence on our daily lives, more and more companies are interested in knowing what is being said about them, their competitors, their industry and their products. News stories and social conversations are reaching more people than ever before and are allowing a broader cross section of the population to influence media messages, brand equity, product reputation and buying behaviors.

    Corporations are looking for Business Intelligence platforms that can mine this rich source of unstructured text and discover tonality, opinion and sentiment; to better manage their media image, brand equity, new product development and advertising spend.

    Automated analysis of unstructured text poses unique technology challenges requiring an interdisciplinary approach to text analysis with techniques such as information extraction, machine learning, active learning and computational linguistics.

    On-Demand Media and Market Intelligence tools allow companies to better monitor traditional and Consumer Generated Media (CGM) to thrive in a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

    Speaker: Faisal Mushtaq, Chief Technology Officer, Biz 360

    Faisal Mushtaq is the CTO of Biz360, a next generation technology firm in San Mateo, CA. Biz360 provides Media and Market Intelligence solutions that enable Fortune500 companies to quickly respond to market influences and consumer insights that have significant impact on their businesses..

    Faisal has over 18 years of experience in leading Product and Technology organizations in high-growth companies. Previously, Faisal served as VP of Product Development and Support at Neoforma (NASDAQ:NEOF), the premier provider of on-demand market intelligence and supply chain software solutions, where he led the company’s product, technology and support groups across locations in the U.S. and India.

    Faisal has a Bachelor of Science degree in both computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a business administration degree from the University of Karachi.

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    6:00 - 7:00 p.m. - Holiday Party with Light Refreshments
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