Business Intelligence SIG: The Big Data Warehouse: How Hadoop is Extending Traditional BI



  • Topic: The Big Data Warehouse: How Hadoop is Extending Traditional BI


    Business Intelligence in the current era of Big Data has dramatically changed.  Organizations are increasingly tapping Hadoop as a weapon to integrate more and varied data into their BI processes. They are creating data science teams whose mission is to analyze data in novel way to create and enhance products and services.  This is causing a shift in the technology platform for how these companies acquire, store, integrate and analyze the data needed for their BI capabilities.  In this session, we will define the new data architecture patterns and designs that companies are deploying and show how the underlying technology platform has changed from the typical data warehouse to include Hadoop inspired data assets.
    There are key challenges that are disrupting the Data Warehouse architecture like the cost to store data, handling unstructured data, poor response time to changing BI needs and access to the DW for many users across the organization.  Our goal is to outline and explain how unstructured data is integrated with, how new predictive analytics capabilities are possible with massive compute and full data sets and to illustrate the value of having comprehensive access to the Big Data Warehouse Cluster for all users is vital in best in class BI organizations. 


    6:30pm - 7:00pm - Registration & Networking

    7:00pm - 8:30pm - Presentation