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    John Duda, Services Manager, nQuire

    Presentation Overview

    The Internet has caused an explosion in the amount of data generated, stored and analyzed by leading Global-2000 companies, net-markets/exchanges, B2B organizations, and E-Businesses. The increasing velocity of decision and actions required to leverage market opportunities is causing organizations to push decision-making capabilities to more and more people within and beyond the enterprise. Intelligence about customers, suppliers, promotions, inventory, sales and shipments are just some of the areas where the power is being shifted from traditional 'power users' to audiences of less technical but business-savvy users.

    To the user, the Internet has revealed the limitations of traditional means for acquiring business intelligence. Users can now access a world of information on wildly diverse topics and use sophisticated online tools to manage personal finances, track stocks or conduct e-commerce. However, they often cannot easily answer the simplest of business questions. Today's tools are not up to the task of merging this explosion of corporate information with the Internet's ease-of-use. Current means for acquiring business intelligence are difficuly to use at best, and due to architectural limitations contain complex features that are more applicable to programmers that end-users.

    If organizations are to succeed in today's Internet Era, their business intelligence tools need to be as simple to use as the best Web applications while delivering the analytical power and flexibility of high-end, server-based tools.

    Speaker Profile

    John Duda

    John gained much of his early decision support experience working for large companies in the banking and telecommunications industries. Following this experience, John joined a private consulting company as their Marketing and Business Development Manager, where he played a key strategic role in solidifying and growing customer relationships based on decision support services. During the last few years, John has held various roles at leading Business Intelligence Software Companies both in the US and abroad. John most recently joined nQuire Software Inc., a leading, next generation Business Intelligence Company and when not traveling around the country resides and works in the Bay Area.


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