BI SIG: Data Quality Assessment: Finding Data Inaccuracies





    Jack Olsen, CTO - Evoke Software


    Presentation Overview

    Data Quality Assessment: Finding Data Inaccuracies

    The accuracy of data in information systems is fast becoming a major issue as companies realize how much it affects their bottom line. Data Profiling is the application of analytical techniques over real data for the purpose of determining its true content, structure, and quality. At the end of data profiling you should have perfectly accurate metadata as well as identified occurrences of data accuracy violations.

    The presentation, provides an accessible, enjoyable introduction to the subject of data accuracy, peppered with real-world anecdotes. It shows how Data Profiling can generate as outputs, a data quality assessment, an improved metadata repository and a set of data quality issues with enough supporting data to justify projects to improve quality.


    About the Presenter

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    Jack Olson has spent the last 36 years developing commercial software. His career includes several years at IBM, BMC Software, Peregrine Systems, and Evoke Software. His jobs included programmer, programming team leader, development manager, product architect, corporate architect, Vice President of Development, and Chief Technology Officer. Most of the projects he worked on included data management systems or tools. He is considered an expert in the field of database management systems. At Evoke Software he created the concept of data profiling and has evolved concepts for building understanding of databases at the content, structure, and quality levels. Jack has recently written a book entitled Data Quality The Accuracy Dimension.

    Jack has a BS degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from Northwestern University.


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