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    Vellayan Subbiah, VP, Marketing and Business Development, MetricStream

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    Presentation Overview

    There are many contrasting ways of using business intelligence in Supply Chain management, for example, (1) ex-post BI vs near real time analytics, (2) BI in logistics, manufacturing, procurement and customer service/order fufillment functions and (3) enterprise supply chain BI vs extended supply chain BI. The presentation starts with an overview of how Business Intelligence is applied to Enterprise Supply Chains and discusses the value proposition of some offerings. Next, we define and discuss the pros and cons of various supply chain BI approaches, such as those centered on top down management, planning and operations. Finally, we talk about the applicability of these solutions to specific industry verticals.

    Speaker Profile

    Vellayan Subbiah

    Vellayan is VP of Marketing and Business Development at MetricStream. Prior to joining MetricStream, Vellayan was an Associate Principal at McKinsey and Company. At McKinsey, Vellayan was a co-leader of the supply chain management practice and e-operations practice. He has extensive client experience on supply chain, operations, and performance management issues. Vellayan received a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.