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    SOA, XML, and Performance

    In this presentation, Frank will demonstrate building a service architecture implemented with XML- centric technologies (both commercial and open-source,) he will compare the effort to build the application with these tools, and he will demonstrate the performance of each using a load test of the implementations. Frank will show the design and test methodology for a new architecture he calls FastSOA and the results of a recently completed performance and scalability comparison of XML-centric tools.

    Attend this session and expect to take away the following:

    • Your choice of SOA and XML tools greatly impacts scalability and performance of the resulting system.
    • Learn Frank's methodology to quantify SOA scalability and performance and use the methodology in your work
    • Understand the differences in performance and developer productivity when choosing development tools, including native XML databases and relational databases
    • Get an update on the W3C and OASIS standards efforts for SOAP, XML, and the Web Services stack.

    About the Presenter

    Frank Cohen, Director of Solutions Engineering, Raining Data

    Frank Cohen is the "go to" guy when enterprises need to build, test and solve problems in complex interoperating information systems. Frank's articles appear on IBM developerWorks, he is author of "Java Testing and Design: From Unit Tests to Automated Web Tests", http://thebook.pushtotest.com, principal maintainer of the popular TestMaker open-source test utility and framework, and is Director of Solutions Engineering at Raining Data, publisher of the TigerLogic XQuery and native XML database engine.


    Event Logistics


    eBay's Silicon Valley Conference Center
    2161 North First Street
    San Jose, CA 95131


    101 From San Francisco:

    • Take the US-101 SOUTH
    • Take the BROKAW ROAD/FIRST STREET exit - go 0.3 mi
    • Turn left on E BROKAW RD - go 0.2 mi
    • Turn left on N 1ST ST - go 0.5 mi
    • Make a U-turn at ,GUADALUPE PKY onto N 1ST ST - go 0.2 mi
    • Arrive at 2161 N 1ST ST, SAN JOSE

    101 From San Jose:

    • Take the US-101 NORTH
    • Take the BROKAW ROAD/FIRST STREET exit - go 0.4 mi
    • Turn left on E BROKAW RD - go 0.1 mi
    • Turn right on N 1ST ST - go 0.5 mi
    • Make a U-turn at ,GUADALUPE PKY onto N 1ST ST - go 0.2 mi
    • Arrive at 2161 N 1ST ST, SAN JOSE


    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration / Networking / Refreshments / Pizza
    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentations and Discussion


    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members
    No charge for SDForum members
    No registration required

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