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    Phillipe Lavie - Keyroad Enterprises


    Presentation Overview

    Making Marketing Relevant to Sales Again

    Traditional marketing is dead and obsolete, and the sales and marketing disconnect has reached a day of reckoning. According to the AMA, up to 90% of marketing collateral is never used by sales, and 70% of leads generated by marketing are never touched by the sales organization. Welcome to the new reality of marketing and messaging.

    In a tough economy, when everyone is looking to do more with less and demonstrate impact for investment, corporate management demands that Sales people become more effective, and that Marketing must help get them there. There can be no more finger pointing -- everyone needs to be focused on the business of generating more revenue. But after decades of hand wringing, where do you start building a bridge to better marketing and sales alignment? Around facilitating the customer buying process, of course.

    The key to bridging the disconnect is in learning how to develop messages and tools that the sales force will be eager to use. To be useful in today's climate, messages and tools can no longer be centered around product features and benefits, they must be centered around solving the problems that customers face.

    In other words, marketing professionals must change their focus from product marketing, to (customer) problem marketing.

    In this session, Phillipe LaVie will help you learn how to create Sales Ready Messaging® -- marketing messages and tools that your sales force will readily adopt and deploy, and that will measurably increase their selling effectiveness. He will provide templates and a formula to help you successfully develop usage scenarios for the features offered by your products and services. A hands-on in-class lab will give you practice at customer-centric marketing.


    Speaker Bio

    Philippe Lavie

    Philippe Lavie is a sales professional who has been on the front lines, knows how to sell, and knows how to teach others to sell better. He started his career with the Portland Trail Blazers and after three years in the world of sports, co-founded and established an $8 million business in the online event and entertainment ticketing space.

    Since then, Philippe has had 20 years of direct and channel sales, sales management, business development, and marketing experience in the information technology industry, both domestically and internationally. After three years at Daisy Systems, he joined Optrotech as their Northern California regional sales manager. He was then recruited by Sun Microsystems, where he worked in high-tech and IT marketing over the course of 10 years. Starting as a business manager negotiating large end user contracts, he became one of the five principals assigned to redefine and realign Sun's worldwide distribution channel. Following that, he went to Europe to establish vertical industry approaches to the marketplace. Back in the US, he led Sun’s worldwide efforts in three industries (transportation, media, and publishing) as a worldwide industry manager and a sales director. He left Sun in 1998.

    Philippe joined Onlink Technologies, a guided-selling enterprise application as Director of Business Development. Onlink was successfully sold to Siebel Systems in 2000. He worked with two other start-ups, MindCrossing and OnDemand, as vice president of sales and business development, and as senior director of sales and business development, respectively. OnDemand was sold to Chordiant in 2002. In the same year, Phillipe founded KeyRoad Enterprises, a unique sales-performance improvement consulting practice. Phillipe is a licensed CustomerCentric® Selling Affiliate.

    Philippe holds an MBA from one of the leading French business schools, is fluent in English and French, and lives in San Francisco with his wife, Carol, a learning specialist.


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    Mitchell Park Community Center
    3800 Middlefield Road
    (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)
    Palo Alto, CA


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    7:20 - 8:30 p.m. Presentation and Discussion
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