A great talk on Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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Tue, 2013-08-06 07:29 -- [email protected]

Yesterday, Elis Pogace gave an overview, history, potential and limitations of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. My personal take-away from this is that they pack a lot of potential since they bring down the cost of embedded development and make it available to a wide range of hobbyists; BTW, Elis co-hosts a meetup in San Jose's Tech Shop for just such a purpose. One may be tempted to think this will be in hobby-land 10 years from now. But then, look at how Homebrew Computer Club turned out.

Speaking of hobbyists, someone forwarded me this link for those of you that want to "embrace the mad scientist in you", or if you want to check out what people do with those Arduino boards


Also, a couple of "official" sites with lots of links:



We are onto our next talk in September, which is also embedded-themed!

-- Srini

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