Software Architecture & Platform SIG: Lessons Learned Building a Cloud Platform Around SaaS Integration



  • When small problems become big: lessons learned building a cloud platform around SaaS integration.

    The design of a cloud service around SaaS integration is fascinating.  Aspects from all directions converge: from billing model to scale to tenancy, everything is important and must be evaluated in context. The reason is that at scale, small problems become big problems. At scale, collecting business events turns into a big data problem, API connector design affects multi-tenancy model, and guaranteeing SLAs requires advanced monitoring of 3rd party APIs.

    This session reviews various places in a system where small problems become big problems.  We’ll use real examples from CloudHub, an integration PaaS supporting the premier SalesForce tool:

    We’ll use CloudHub architecture to tell the story of design for scale, with a focus on rationale and context.  You’ll learn about what we designed for, and how we change in response to empirical evidence and customer requirements. You’ll also leave with lessons CloudHub learned gluing them together over time.

    Speaker:  Mike Saparov

    Mike is an accomplished engineering leader. He founded 2 startups in B2B and social spaces. He served as a director of engineering at Openlane:  the largest online b2b auction in automotive industry that handles millions of transactions a day. Most recently Mike has been leading engineering team that created CloudHub - the leader in integration PaaS and a winner of the prestigious CODiE Award.


    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration/Networking/Refreshments/Pizza

    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentations