Global Innovation Summit + Week



  • A Week of Ideas, Inventions, and Insights with Innovators From Over 50 Countries

    The first Global Innovation Summit was a great success, with leaders from governments, corporations, universities, startups, and nonprofits from around the world coming together to explore how to foster innovation across sompanies, communities, and countries. This year, the event has been expanded into a weeklong celebration: Global Innovation Week. The combined event constitutes the largest celebration of innovation ecosystems in the world. 

    SVForum is proud to be an official partner of GIW. Our upcoming Apps to Platforms Conferencewhich will take place on February 20th in San Jose, California, is part of an exciting schedule of events throughout the week. More than 1,000 attendees from 50 countries are expected to attend-- check out the full list of events.

    To learn more about Global Innovation Week and how the leaders involved are cultivating new innovation ecosystems, please visit

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