Emerging Tech SIG: Cyber Crime: Has it Crossed the Chasm?



  • Cyber Crime: Has it Crossed the Chasm?

    Cybercrime has been at the top of the headlines for months now. From national security to our daily shopping experiences, we are hearing about risks ranging from private information to our way of life. What is driving the recent surge in activity? Is there a new subversive ecosystem at play?

    Join McAfee CTO Greg Brown as he discusses the realities of Cybercrime in our daily lives, and what we can do to meter risks to the individual shopper as well as protect global economic well-being. The prevalence of mobile devices and the emergence of new Internet of Things devices represent new risks as well as an opportunity to address the problem in a new way. The threat landscape is evolving. Learn how the technologies are advancing to change the game.

    Our Speaker:
    Greg Brown, McAfee VP and CTO of Cloud and Internet of Things

    VP and CTO, Cloud and Internet of Things, Greg Brown joined the McAfee network security team in 2006. He has sponsored industry leading advances in network security technology including integration with McAfee's systems and risk management product lines. He has 20 years' experience in the network security and telecommunications industry, working with silicon technology vendors, security software/hardware vendors and service providers. He has provided design consultant services for national IT security infrastructure programs on four continents, and was the principal designer for first time national Internet infrastructure programs in more than 30 countries.