Women's Startup Lab Accelerator 3.0



  • Be Bold, Be Powerful…Imagine 3 months among other founders who are!

    WSLab continues our efforts in support of creating a diverse community of amazing women founders. We are helping each other accelerate our leadership and startup journeys by providing a unique environment that offers the opportunity for women leaders in various startup stages to learn and connect in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment! All in the effort to make a social and business impact to the world….

    This September, Women's Startup Lab offers a unique approach to not only assist you in building a strong startup, but we also focus on your growth as an effective founder and leader of a high-demand startup. The knowledge and skills you need to run a successful startup goes beyond just creating great products. Instructors, executive coaches, and other powerful female founders will take you to a whole new level of growth in just three months.  You'll leave with a powerful network of Silicon Valley experts, honed leadership and business skills AND you be well-prepared to pitch your startup with confidence....beyond your imagination! Learn more

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    This is a three-month program that begins in September.

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