Qualcomm Uplinq 2014 - special discount for SVForum members!



  • Qualcomm® Uplinq™ 2014 is the conference that focuses on the intersection of mobile, computing and wireless through technical education sessions, business content and networking opportunities.

    At Uplinq 2014 your members get exceptional keynotes, network with mobile industry experts, see amazing demos of the latest advancements in technology, discuss opportunities with like-minded peers, and learn how to optimize their apps for the ever-growing mobile market.

    Choose sessions from five educational tracks:

    • Code Labs - Get hands-on and technical training on how to integrate specific features or use various performance tools, SDKs, and APIs. Code Labs are led by Qualcomm's engineering team.
    • Digital Lifestyle - Overview sessions that identify use cases or examine case studies in how technology is making advancements in various vertical industries.
    • Software & Hardware Integration - Learn how to leverage the underlying hardware in mobile devices and bring capabilities and efficiencies to apps and services not otherwise possible.
    • Mobile & Wireless Trends - Get expert views on mobile & wireless trends, their implications for mobile apps and services and how developers should be prepared to meet the demands and stay ahead of the curve.
    • Business Insights - look at the sales, marketing, and operational aspects of the mobile market (no suit needed).

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    Schedule Details: http://uplinq2014.app.eventbase.com/schedule