Innovation Lab: Successful Startup and Pitch Development Program



  • Women's Startup Lab Presents:
    A Powerful Startup Development and Training Series

    The Valley's most renowned consultants and experts offer the "how-to’s" of developing successful startups. Learn & grow with their insights and with your fellow founders.

    Innovation Lab's unique approach allows learning in two ways:

    1) Learn (brain-on) & apply (hands-on) with instructors and peer founders in a collaborative working environment. We offer learning sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, and optional weekend deep-dive session on some topics.

    2) Flexiblity & Pace your Learning

    Uniqely designed with women in mind:

    - Flexible: We designed Innovation Lab (and all our programs) to provide flexibility for female founders with busy lives: startup, kids, family.

    - All or be Selective: You take the lectures that matter to you the most out of ALL sessions, from Nov. - Jan.  A la carte option is $200/session, so taking the package is far more better value and give flexibility that you need

    - Over 2 terms (6 months): Take all courses this term (recommended) or chose to take some of them at the next term at no additional cost (some restrictions apply, limited seat and priority given to Founder's Circle cohort founders) .

    - Flexibility + relevance = more power to you. You need intensity to tackle your starutp AND it's cricital to apply the learnings at the right time and right stage for your unique company. We support our founders to make the decisions that drive their startups hard, create high-growth & impact through learning and stay competitive while managing your priorities. 

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    Fall Term:   Nov. 2013 - Jan. 2014  (end with Pitch Day Jan 30)

    Every Tuesday (2-5pm) and some Thursday (time varies) and one 6 hrs bootcamp

    All session include lecture hour and "hand-on" workhop hour(s) to apply the knowledge into your startup

    For a complete list of programs and times, please visit the event page.