Advanced Entrepreneur Development Program



  • Learn all about patent portfolios, startup financing, and stock option risk management with a knowledgeable team of partners from Fenwick & West!


    Risk Management - Andrew Bridges

    Basics of seed and Series A financings – Steven Levin 

    a.      Preparing your corporation for investment

    b.     Role of a term sheet

    c.      Seed financing alternatives

    d.     Sample capitalization tables

    e.      Calculation of pre and post-money valuations

    f.      Impact of size of option pool

    g.     Typical Series A valuations and financing terms

    h.     Control issues

    A patent portfolio development strategy for startup companies – Michael Farn

    a.      What is the value of a patent portfolio?

    b.     How to build a patent portfolio that helps you achieving your business goals?

    c.      How to build a patent portfolio with a limited budget?



    Topics & Speakers: Each speaker will have 40 minutes.
    There will be a Q & A session for about 30 minutes.


    Early Bird Registration: FREE! - Sign up by November 5th.
    Walk-In Registration: $20.00