bending the browser to enhance collaborative research through masses of data

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Fri, 2013-06-14 16:51 -- ronlichty

Vivek Agarwal of Surfmark last night at the Emerging Technology SIG of SVForum looked at the challenges in research and collaboration and the gaps in solutions to date. He asserted that collaboration should start early, during the preliminary research / exploratory search phase, when ideation is happening. Tremendous effort goes into conducting exploratory searches across an organization but those efforts are large wasted for not being able to save, share and collaborate around the search process and results.

He then demoed Surfmark which, by saving the context and perspective generated while doing research, allows users to collaborate from the first, leaving behind trails of connected topics and enabling researchers to annotate web pages found. The trails and annotated pages - a collection called a surfmark - can be shared publicly or with limited, named folks.

By way of example, Vivek shared a public mobile payments research surfmark

Other public surfmarks:
 Research on viral strategies
 Research on Javascript frameworks

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