• IBM Big Data Meetup: Hands-on with HBase Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 05:30PM to 08:30PM
    IBM Innovation Center Silicon Valley
    1001 East Hillsdale Blvd., West Tower, Suite 400
    Foster City,, CA 94404
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IBM Big Data Meetup: Hands-on with HBase



    • Rapidly gaining in popularity, maturity and footprint is the HBase NoSQL datastore.  Apache HBase is known as the Hadoop Database and is included in IBM's InfoSphere BigInsights product.  HBase is typically deployed on clusters of Linux x86 servers running on top of Apache Hadoop's HDFS.  HBase clusters scale seamlessly as new nodes are added to the system.  Cost is dramatically reduced,and the big data challenges often found in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMs) are solved with HBase (e.g. sharding is automatic and sparse data records supported).  Whereas existing RDBMSs can manage terabytes of data and support thousands of queries per second, HBase can easily support petabytes of data and millions of queries per second!

      If you're considering HBase for your data storage needs, learning about the HBase data model and architecture is critical.  This Meetup will give you hands-on HBase experience.  You will go through the basics of how to install HBase, create schemas and tables, query your data, backup your tables, manage, monitor and tune HBase.  You’ll also learn about the various client options including Big SQL and Hive.

      This Meetup is FREE.  Food and beverages will be provided. Please bring your laptop to participate in the hands-on lab.   Download BigInsights Quick Start Edition before the event: http://ibm.co/QuickStart


      5:30-6:30: Networking (Food & Beverages provided)

      6:30-7:15: Presentation

      7:15-9:30: Hands-on with HBase