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    Wednesday March 12 2014 | 6:30pm | Palo Alto California

    Greetings SVForum members and invited guests:

    In 2014 we have a new strategy and approach to our group. One of our macro strategic points is to be differentiated from all other community meeting in Silicon Valley. One of our micro approaches is to have take-away documentation of the actual meeting, distributed to everyone in the group. We will have new announcements for the next several meetings, please monitor and join us as we ‘strive to refine” a 360 approach to making our group relevant to you in the mobile/wireless industry.

    Please join us on Wednesday March 12 for an exciting joint SVForum > Mobile & Digital Media Group event, with 3 to 4 speakers on the topic of 4G as a Platform.

    • AT&T Foundry
    • Qualcomm, Inc. LTE A and VoLTE
    • 2600hz, Inc. (Cloud/Server/Client solution sets integrating 4G networks)
    • (research and lobbying firm from Washington DC)

    Topic: Paradigm; 4G as a Platform

    Description: Presenting… 4G value-chain technology and service sector companies the significance of a 4G; ALL IP BROADBAND wireless network.

    We are in a new era of wired and wireless communications and we need to psychologically and technologically develop for this era. Hence the title of our event “4G as a Platform.” The FCC is listening on Net Neutrality, Zuckerberg’s MWC chat states Facebook/ is formally partnering with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Also, it is known that WhatsApp app displaces SMS/Text messaging and newly offering voice (VOIP) communications.

    AT&T Foundry: Learn about AT&Ts 4G ALL IP voice & data centric initiatives. Exploring User-Defined Network Cloud and the Domain 2.0 initiatives.

    Qualcomm: will provide insights into LTE enhancements in the works and the new frontiers LTE Advanced is poised to reach as well as the latest on VoLTE.

    2600hz Inc.: Offer’s mobile network operators to extend 4G network control into enterprise clients through rich APIs via an open-source platform called Kazoo. a research and lobbying firm: An industry overview on transition to ALL IP services.
    Our group respects topic context, so we will have a research firm speaking on the 4G landscape that relates to our loyal audience, the silicon valley executives and developer community.

    Note: Pre-meeting let us share some upfront context with you; FCC chairman’s latest quote.

    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Quote: (January 30 2104)
    "Our communications networks are transitioning to IP-networks” "The move from the circuit-switched networks of Alexander Graham Bell to the new networks of the Internet Revolution is all around us -- with expanded deployment of fiber, with new forms of wireless, with bonded copper and coaxial cable. These transitions -- plural -- are a solid attributes because IP networks are more efficient, which can enable better products, lower prices, less tariffs and massive benefits for consumers."

    In defining these protocols, we can differentiate the leveraging point of having one internet communications protocol with 4G. To be specific, there is no need for the paging protocol of SMS and or the TDM protocol of dialing telephone numbers, TCP/IP can perform all functions.

    6:30pm Arrival and network
    7:00pm Announcements
    7:05pm Upfront Notes via PPT from SVForum > Mobile Group
    7:10pm Speaker I
    7:30pm Speaker II AT&T Foundry
    7:50pm Speaker III Qualcomm
    8:10pm Speaker IV 2600hz, Inc.
    8:30pm Q and A | White board session
    9:00…pm adjourn

    AT&T Foundry
    260 Homer avenue
    Palo Alto, California 94301 USA

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    Mobile Future entity
    Based in Washington DC, Mobile Future is a coalition of cutting-edge technology and communications companies and a diverse group of non-profit organizations, working to support an environment which encourages investment and innovation in the dynamic wireless sector. Our mission is to educate the public and key decision makers in business and government on the range of wireless innovations that are transforming our society; spectrum, IOT, Taxes, Privacy, Consumer Rights and more.

    Our membership includes: Cisco, Politics360, Shooger and more:

    Jonathan Spalter

    Jonathan Spalter has a long track record building innovative technology, mobile, internet, and research companies in the U.S, Asia/Pacific, and Europe. He founded the independent investment research company, Public Insight, and was CEO of Snocap, the digital music technology company founded by the creators of Napster. He has held senior management roles at the Paris headquarters of Vivendi Universal, the global media and telecommunications group, where he was group senior vice president.

    During the Clinton Administration, Spalter was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate for the position of associate director at the US Information Agency, where he was also appointed chief information officer. He also served in the White House as director of public affairs for the National Security Council, and chief international affairs spokesperson and speech writer for Vice President Al Gore. He graduated from Harvard College and Cambridge University.

    AT&T: Abstract
    AT&T has embarked on a massive effort to reshape its network architectures, service delivery paradigms, and engineering organizations in an effort to help enable the delivery of new experiences to consumer and enterprise users. This effort is captured in the vision of the User-Defined Network Cloud and the Domain 2.0 initiatives. Soren will talk about, and take questions on, the AT&T Foundry's activities in these areas, particularly as they relate to next generation mobile architectures.

    AT&T Speaker:
    Soren Telfer is Lead Member of Technical Staff at the AT&T Foundry in Palo Alto. He splits his efforts between engineering, technology strategy and working with startups and other innovative companies to help make them successful inside and outside of AT&T. From a technical perspective, his projects and interests span Cloud, SDN, data analytics and mobile networking. Previously he was CTO of a VoIP CLEC and LTE operator and also a research engineer in experimental and computational physics.

    Qualcomm, Inc Abstract:
    “With LTE Advanced commercially deployed and rapidly proliferating, the wireless industry is ready to take it further. The LTE Advanced evolution, apart from further improving the performance with enhanced receivers, and advanced HetNets, will also take the scale and efficiency of LTE beyond the traditional avenues, to areas such as unlicensed spectrum, direct device-to-device, terrestrial TV and more. At the same time, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is also commercially deployed to bring richer experiences. Join us to understand the enhancements in the works and the new frontiers LTE Advanced is poised to reach, as well as the latest on VoLTE.”

    Qualcomm Speaker Bio:
    Rasmus Heilberg Senior Director, Technical Marketing:
    2600hz, Inc. Abstract:
    As Mobile Network Operators seek to implement enterprise grade Software Defined Network’s (SDN), it enables handsets (or hardware) and associated software to define new infrastructure models in both fixed and mobile broadband 4G networks. This may augment tiered enterprise solutions in the marketplace.

    2600hz, Inc. company overview and speaker bio:
    2600hz Inc. ( ) works with mobile network operators to extend 4G network control into enterprise clients through rich APIs, and enables full integration of services across the switch. We provide seamless services between fixed and mobile infrastructures; in creating an open-source platform called KAZOO, providing an ecosystem to our client base.

    CEO, Darren Schreiber brings over 18 years of experience developing multiple enterprise SaaS infrastructures, open source telephony systems and large scale IT services. Prior to starting 2600hz, Darren served as lead architect and developer at where he contributed to their product and infrastructure design. He founded 2600hz building distributed systems like Kazoo and, which utilized FreeSWITCH and Kamailio. Darren holds a degree in Computer Science and Business Entrepreneurship from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    Four Mobile Service Protocol Definitions:
    MNO: Mobile Network Operator (or carrier)
    Paging: Short Message Service SMS/ MultiMedia Message Service MMS [ ]
    TDM: [ ]
    Time Division Multiplexing (dialing a telephone number invited in the late 1800’s)
    TCP/IP [ ]
    4G 4th Generation Mobile Network Services
    One example of a digital air interface transport protocol is called Long Term Evolution (LTE)