Engineering Leadership SIG: Agile Project Management in a Waterfall World - Managing Sprints with Predictive Metrics



  • Agile Project Management in a Waterfall World - Managing Sprints with Predictive Metrics

    Companies are dealing with increasingly disruptive markets, but they are often strapped with heavy weight, bureaucratic processes. Agile software management methods have helped teams become faster, but until now these methods haven't work well within the traditional phased development environments (waterfall). You will be shown, with case studies, how select agile components (sprints, retrospectives, and burn down charts) can be tailored into a new project management model for complex product development. The attendees will also be presented the relevance of cadence, standup meetings and other foundations of the agile methodology in waterfall environments to give you a fresh approach to managing projects

    Attendee Key Take-Aways:

    • How to create the Boundary Conditions to clarify and represent project risks
    • How to break a project into Sprints that balance overhead with agility
    • How to apply the principles of cadence and stand up meetings for project managers
    • How to create a fact based event timeline
    • How to perform fact based retrospectives that benefit the team during (not after) a project
    • How to translate Burn-down charts into Predictive Metrics for hybrid projects

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