Engineering Leadership SIG: Bust The Silos - How to Improve Groups Working Together



  • Topic: "Bust The Silos - How to Improve Groups and Organizations Working Together"
    Speaker: Jeff Saperstein

    If you experience difficulties with group collaboration because of job description and functional department silos, lack of time for people to provide guidance to each other, and a mismatch between rewards and encouragement of group outcomes, then you are not alone.

    Demand Creation orientation and practices can improve collaboration—based on new business processes supported by technology—to enable an organization to be more customer centric and responsive resulting in increased productivity and sustained, profitable growth.

    In this session we will explore what hold us back from collaborating better and Jeff Saperstein will speak about what he has learned in his research to write Bust the Silos: Opening Your Organization for Growth.

    About: Jeff Saperstein
    Jeff Saperstein is an author, teacher, and consultant. His books and case studies focus on best practices for innovation. He has worked with governments, corporations and non-governmental organizations to use marketing to increase growth. Mr. Saperstein teaches at San Francisco State University College of Business, at Cisco, and other corporations, He teaches seminars on Tech Clusters and Innovation at the European School of Management in Paris and hosts International MBA groups for immersion tours in Silicon Valley. In addition he leads technology bloggers on writing trips to regional centers of innovation excellence including Israel and London/Cambridge. He is also co-founder of "Traveling Geeks".

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