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From left to right: Laura Merling, Kamran Elahian, Alfred Chuang, Andy Bechtolsheim, Eric Benhamou, JoMei Chang

On June 12, 2003, SVForum’s Sixth Annual Visionary Awards celebration honored five Silicon Valley innovators from around the world who, through their determination and creativity, turned their technology dreams into reality. The recipients were Andy Bechtolsheim, founder of Sun Microsystems; Eric Benhamou, Chairman of 3Com Corporation; JoMei Chang, founder of Vitria; Alfred Chuang, founder of BEA Systems and Kamran Elahian co-founder of CAE Systems, Cirrus Logic and Centillium Communications. The awards were presented at the home of Laurie and Royal Farros in Woodside, California. 

2003 Visionary Award Winners

Andy Bechtolsheim

Andy Bechtolsheim is Vice President and General Manager for the Gigabit Systems Business Unit at Cisco Systems. He is responsible for the Catalyst 4000 Gigabit Switch family, which has received numerous awards and recently has become the highest volume modular switching platform in history.
Prior to Cisco, Andy was President of Granite Systems, a Gigabit Ethernet Switching startup company he founded in 1995 that Cisco acquired in September of 1996. Prior to Granite, Andy was a co-founder and Vice President of Technology of Sun Microsystems, where he led the workstation development, including the highly successful SPARCstation product family.

Eric Benhamou

Eric Benhamou is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of 3Com Corporation, of Palm Inc. and of PalmSource, Inc. He served as CEO of 3Com from 1990 until the end of 2000. In 1981, Mr. Benhamou co-founded Bridge Communications, an early networking pioneer, and was Vice President of Engineering until its merger with 3Com in 1987. Mr. Benhamou currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Cypress Semiconductor and as a Member of the Board of Legato. He serves on the board of directors of several privately held companies, and serves on the board of the New America Foundation, a Washington DC-based think tank. Mr. Benhamou serves on the executive committee of TechNet and of the Computer Science and Technology Board (CSTB). He is the Vice Chairman of Israel21c, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict. He is the Chairman of the Israel Venture Network, a venture philanthropy organization for a stronger Israeli society.

Dr. JoMei Chang

Dr. JoMei Chang founded Vitria in 1994 and is its Chief Executive Officer. Prior to founding Vitria, Dr. Chang was Vice President and General Manager at Teknekron Software Systems, now TIBCO, Inc., a software company. As a co-founder of Teknekron, Dr. Chang pioneered the first digital Trader Workstation, which revolutionized Wall Street information systems. Dr. Chang has also held senior engineering and management positions at Sun Microsystems and AT&T Bell Labs and is a patent holder for reliable multicast protocols which defines the R&D in the multicast area for the next 20 years 

Alfred Chuang

Alfred Chuang, who founded BEA Systems in early 1995 with Bill Coleman and Ed Scott, had managed just about every aspect of BEA by the time he became CEO in October 2001. He had led the areas of finance, sales, services, engineering, product development, MIS, corporate development, business planning, developer services, human resources and global operations. He had been BEA's chief technology officer, executive vice president of product development, president of BEA WebXpress, president of business operations, and president and chief operating officer. In August 2002, in addition to CEO, Mr. Chuang became BEA's chairman of the board. Mr. Chuang came to BEA from Sun Microsystems, Inc., where he had held a variety of senior management positions in software product development, network infrastructure, systems architecture, and operations management. Prior to Sun, Mr. Chuang worked for more than seven years in the commercial computing, software systems research, and systems consulting industries. He also pioneered and prototyped the implementation of the TCP/IP network on the IBM PC platform.

Kamran Elahian

Kamran Elahian is Chairman of Global Catalyst Partners and co-founded ten companies including CAE Systems; Cirrus Logic, Momenta, NeoMagic, PlanetWeb; Centillium Communications; Actelis Networks, Informative’ Entopia; Greenfield Networks Mr. Elahian also co-founded Schools Online a non-profit organization with the goal to bring the Internet to every school in the world, and co-founded Global Catalyst Foundation.