The Churchill Club Presents: Revolutions in the Making: Economically Disruptive Technologies



  • The noise about the next big thing can make it difficult to identify which technologies truly matter. In this forward-looking discussion we sort through the many claims to identify the technologies that have the greatest potential to drive substantial economic impact and disruption within the next decade, and to identify which potential impacts leaders should know about. Important technologies can come in any field or emerge from any scientific discipline, but they share four characteristics: high rate of technology change, broad potential reach of impact, large economic value that could be affected, and substantial potential for disruptive economic impact.


    Michael Chui, Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI); Principal, McKinsey Global Institute
    Barry Schuler, Co-founder & Managing Director, DFJ Growth; former Chairman & CEO, AOL
    Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google


    5:30 PM Registration / Reception

    6:00 PM Buffet Dinner

    7:00 PM Program Begins

    8:30 PM Program Ends

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