VLAB.org Presents: The Battle for Privacy - Rights vs. Economics



  • Everyone is mining your data, whether for spying or for profit.

    As the loss of privacy in the digital age becomes more rampant, entrepreneurs are fighting back -- securing your data, protecting your web traffic, and encrypting your communications. Will they succeed in restoring your privacy or will big businesses and governments prevail?

    According to the Wall Street Journal, privacy concerns are shaking up the $120.0B online advertising business, and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) reports that the lack of trust in U.S. networks may cost us between $22.0 to $35.0 billion dollars. For fear of being spied on, companies and organizations across Europe are threatening to curtail traffic through U.S. internet data pipelines and also move their businesses away from U.S based cloud-services. While big companies are fighting back to protect the status quo, entrepreneurs are working towards protecting users from having their data mined.

    Just how valuable is it to maintain your personal data and communications secure? We’ll hear from startups who believe they can monetize on this opportunity. Will they succeed, or do we live in the age where privacy is forever lost? Join us on Tuesday, October 15th to find out.


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    7:00 PM - Panel Discussion

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