Distilling Insights from Social Media Using Big Data Technologies



  • Have you ever wondered what your customers are saying about you in social media, and the impact it might be having on your business? This session will focus on how Big Data technologies can be used to glean useful and actionable insights from social media data.

    You'll see how data can be ingested and prepped and do text analytics on social data in real time. Using Hadoop, we'll show you how you can store and analyze your large volume of historical social media data and reference data. This talk and demo will provide an introduction to text analytics and how it is used within the IBM Big Data platform for a social media solution. 

    This Meetup is FREE.  Food and Beverages will also be provided. 

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    6:30pm-7pm: Registration / Food and Beverages

    7:00pm: Topic Presentation

    7:45-8pm: Break

    8pm: Live Demo

    8:30pm: Networking