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  • How Big Data can provide real time business intelligence

    There is no way to get around it, Big Data is here to stay and businesses want to tap it. Join us to hear how two leading companies, Metamarkets and Infinigraph, create solutions to get at this critical information. Learn what approaches they use and how they see the direction then participate in an exciting panel discussion. Take a look at the abstracts of their presentation following:
    Abstract Metamarkets:
    Traditional analytic solutions are designed to support back-office groups (who, in turn support business users); while speed and volume are important the data itself is not relevant for the immediate moment.
    Druid fills a gap within the big-data analytics space that coincides with the broadening requirement to provide valuable, dynamic insight directly to decision makers for events as they occur. Reading into this statement exposes a set of requirements based on how data consumption has evolved – all of which impact design, key features and architecture of the database. It’s important to note Druid complements existing analytics solutions serving a specific set of requirements and all within the framework of a cloud oriented system:
    ability to query on ingesting data
    flexible multidimensional querying and at consistently low latencies 
    front-office production system
    In this talk, we'll expose key features and facets of the Druid architecture that make this possible.  
    Abstract: Infinigraph
    Real-time Data in a Big Data World
    The explosion of data isn't new it’s just coming in from more sources and the same problems exist.   Creating innovative ways to make the data useful and more import dive business value.     Using real – time technologies give business more advantages to harness events when they happen.  The use of real time and batch processing  is a business driving requirement not technology.   However, with real time comes real time problems where intelligence and adaptive data management is require.  In this talk will address some key themes around SAP HANA and what brand marketers are doing with big data in real time add optimization to trending content insights.   
    Speaker BIOs
    Chase McMichael
    CEO InfiniGraph
    Chase McMichael is the CEO and Co-Founder of InfiniGraph a saas big data marketing intelligence platform that gives brands greater insight and competitive advantages to achieve better engagement through better content marketing.  Chase is a leading entrepreneur within the online interactive media, cloud (big data) and engagement intelligence space.    With over  19 years of experience in the real-time collaboration technologies,  Chase has manage large scale platform deployments for Chase Manhattan, Sprint, Oracle and Hearst Corp,  Chase also is a contributor to "Social Media Analytics” and "Facebook Marketing" publications.  Chase has been awarded numerous patents, been in many publications, received the Fast Tech 50 for his first start up UNBOUND and later selling messaging technology and source to Sprint PCS, inductee to the Marketing Sherpa Viral Hall of Fame and in 2012 received the OnMedia 100 for InfiniGraph.   
    Jaypal “JP” Sethi
    Director of Business Development at Metamarkets
    Jaypal is responsible for business development, strategic partnership initiatives and growth around the Druid Database project. Prior to joining Metamarkets, Jaypal spent 7 years at VMware where he held various positions including partnerships, open source and database ecosystem strategy and, most recently, corporate strategy. Previous to VMware, Jaypal held business and product positions at MailFrontier, Oracle and 6waves/Lolapps. Jaypal holds a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton.
    Fangjin Yang
    Software Engineer, Metamarkets
    One of the first developers to Metamarkets and the Druid project, Fangjin is responsible for core infrastructure development including real-time data ingestion. He comes to Metamarkets from Cisco where he optimized packet diagnostic algorithms for Cisco's flagship Cat6k router. Previous to this Fangjin held various engineering and architecture roles at Ericsson and Barclay's Capital. He holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering, MASc in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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