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The Promise of Stem Cells: Hope or Hype?

The potential of stem cell research to provide cures for debilitating conditions like diabetes, spinal cord injury, macular degeneration, heart disease, and neurologic disorders... the enthusiasm...

Keep Your Culture Positive! [Ron Lichty]


Editors note: Ron Lichty is the co-author of Managing the Unmanagable, a book that breaks new ground on the topic of managing software engineers and programmers.  Here he...

Action Intelligence learning algorithms

At tonight's presentation

From Business Intelligence to Action Intelligence; the Past, Present and Future of Data Analytics
        Jared Casner, Director of Solution Engineering at...

Game Changing Technology (Thurs, May 9)

It's not Emerging Technology per se, but if you're interested in the technology that's emerged as being game-changing, you're signed up for this Thursday's...

What PARC is Doing with 3D Printing

Tuesday, April 30 - 3D Printing and Scanning SIG: What PARC is Doing with 3D Printing Technologies
3333 Coyote Hill Rd., Palo Alto
No cost for members and non-members who...

OpenCoin developer video

Our April 11 speaker Chris Larsen, "Open Source Cash", showed us in attendance a video they'd just completed for their developer community that wasn't even posted yet. The topic was the approach...

MIT Technology Review on OpenCoin

Our Thursday night talk was the same-day topic of MIT Technology Review:


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