Tech Women

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The Tech Women SIG meets the 4th Thursday of the month. This SIG encourages women--and men who support the advancement of women--in tech and engineering fields, helping to create an environment of empowerment in which women and girls can achieve results beyond their wildest expectations.

We are building a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, students and investors who seek to grow, innovate and explore possibilities for women in technology. Between programs this community stays connected through online blogs and social media groups.

Hosted by a different firm (at a different location) eight times each year, these evening events provide an opportunity for in-person networking. Our program content varies, covering new technology, industry and investment trends, as well as professional development activities.

In addition, we also host special events targeting middle and high school girls which allow members of our group to get personally involved in engaging these girls in hands-on activities designed to get them interested in science, technology, engineering and math- preparing them for careers in technology.

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Interested in speaking at one of our events? Email [email protected].