Web Apps & E-Commerce SIG: Keyword Commerce, Content Discovery and Marketplaces



  • The panel will discuss about the different contexts in which buyers purchase goods & services and emerging companies that are taking these forms of transactions to the next level. The IAB recently announced that 2011 Internet Ad Revenue hit $31 billion - a 22% YoY increase. Moreover the line between commerce, marketing, and ecommerce is becoming blurred as companies are increasingly assimilating and automating to deliver timely, personalized, and relevant content to each consumer from search to discovery to purchase, aiming to provide a better ecommerce experience for the buyer and a better ROI for the seller.

    Keyword Commerce - Search is still king with IAB reporting that 46% of Internet ad dollars go towards search marketing. This is the best fit when buyers know exactly what they want and do a price / feature comparison regardless of who the seller may be, and it has worked well for "the long tail" of SMBs.

    Content Discovery (Keyword-less search) - Advances in Big Data and analytic are enabling companies to sift through the vast amount of data extant in the Internet in order to deliver content relevant to a user that she might not have otherwise seen. In the ecommerce context, these companies are able to deliver pages (products) to the viewer that standard queries might have missed due to lack of personalization. Do content discovery engines compete with keyword search or are they synergistic?

    Web Curation - The flip side of content engines where people themselves curate the web. Ecommerce start-ups ranging from celebrity-blogs to self-curated lists take advantage of the fact that people are more likely to buy from people that they trust. A recent Market Watch article cites a study which shows that 1 in 4 Pinterest users buys something from the list.

    Marketplaces - Rare goods long and peer-to-peer marketplaces have been a bastion of eBay and mainstream retail that of Amazon. However buyers are leaving their homes and desktops in droves and showrooming freely at stores again, yet they are making cheaper online purchases using Amazon's price check or the like in-store, selling to each other while on the go, etc. Is the Amazon and eBay of today the Amazon and eBay of tomorrow?

    QR Codes - The codes provide a way to embed additional information into their advertisement. Will marketing equal QR codes some day? Will a more intuitive mnemonic make them more ubiquitous? How effective are they?

    Brand Commerce - How are brands engaging with their fans? Will Facebook fanning and Twitter tweeting last till the next generation inherits? How can companies use trends in curation, content discovery, and keywords to maintain and extend their brand loyalty?






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