Tech Women: A Global Woman's Journey 2014




    Once again, inspired by International Women's Day, we are partnering with BayBrazil to celebrate global women. This year, we are focusing on young women entrepreneurs who come to us from outside the US.  Our panel will share the stories of what led them to start their companies- and the activities and people that have impacted them along the way.


    Silvia Curioni (Brazil)

    Silvia is a Co-Founder and CEO of Allthecooks, acquired in January 2014 by COOKPAD Inc, the largest recipe site in the world.

    Silvia is a Software Engineer specialized in native mobile development for iOS. She is Brazilian with strong Italian origins and was born a food lover.  Allthecooks started when she noticed herself using social networks more and more for cooking ideas at home.

    The company is a joint venture between Silvia and her husband Rafael. Together, they are on a mission to make cooking fun, so people will start cooking their own food more often. The founders believe cooking your own food is the first step towards a healthier life.

    Sharon Savariego (Israel)

    Sharon is Co-Founder & CEO of Leaderz, an early stage startup with a mission to revolutionize the way that communities collaborate.

    A social entrepreneur that managed public projects for advocacy and social change with government offices and international organizations. Sharon was the Business Development Manager for uTest Ltd., managing all the sales strategy and marketing activities for the company in Israel. A Dean's List graduate and an alumna of the IDC Leadership and Diplomacy Program. Owns a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy from IDC Herzliya, Israel.

    Leaderz enables group managers to easily build their private cloud with a set of collaboration tools in order to mobilize members into taking action. Its technology syncs the activities with the apps and platforms that people are accustomed to (Google apps, Facebook, interactive emails and more) – so that that the manager can reach them wherever they are, and they can respond quickly from the apps they love.

    Almaz Negash (Eritrea)

    In 2010, Almaz Negash founded the African Diaspora Network (ADN) whose mission it is to inform and engage Africans in the Diaspora in order to facilitate direct collaboration with social entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders to invest and improve the lives of everyone on the continent.   ADN partnered with several organizations to document the experience of 13 tech women leaders who were in Silicon Valley as guests of the US Dept of State this past fall.  Almaz will share stories of the women entrepreneurs in that group.

    A seasoned business executive experienced in managing international trade negotiations and execution, Almaz was born in Eritrea, lived in Holland, and the US.  Currently, Almaz is Managing Director of Step Up Silicon Valley, a social innovation network.  In that role, she has initiated and facilitated innovative social changes ranging from developing microenterprise training project 1000 Out of Poverty to Pay for Success (a.k.a. Social Impact Bond).  

    Alicia Castillo Holley (Venezuela)

    Alicia is the founder of the Wealthing ® Institute, a Silicon Valley institution that prepares leaders for the 21st century.  Castillo Holley’s career started as a young scientist and professor on Agronomy before becoming involved in product development for a Bayer-Shell joint venture and eventually turning into an entrepreneur and angel investor.  

    As an entrepreneur, she has started 9 companies -successfully exiting from five of them- and two non-for-profit. She played an pivotal role in the Development for the Entrepreneurial Curriculum and the Venture Capital Industry in Chile, where she lived between 1996 and 2002. She has also consulted, mentored, or coached hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide.

    Alicia has served as a panel member of several international business plan competitions, including WRI, Endeavor, Babson College, and Western Australia’s Inventor of the Year. She is also a reviewer for several academic conferences on entrepreneurship.

    Chiara Giovenzana (Italy)

    Ms. Giovenzana has worked at the project “Startup Homes”, a network of houses providing a shared working and networking space.  That's after founding Cellec Biotek and then Axelera.  A PhD in molecular biology and biotechnology from Ferrara University (Italy), she moved to Silicon Valley to attend courses in technology entrepreneurship for six months, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. When she moved to Basel to continue her post-doctorate studies, she felt at a crossroad: continuing in laboratory research, or creating her own business, even in a completely different field than biology.  Entrepreneurship and innovation won out.  Currentlty, she is Director of Community Engagement at Singularity University.

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    6:00 - 6:45 p.m Registration & Champagne reception

    6:45 - 8:30 p.m. Panel discussion