Drawing in 3D

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Fri, 2013-05-31 23:47 -- ronlichty

The way history worked, pens and brushes were invented millennia before the printing press - artistry before printing.

Which got us into the modern age.

Now, not only can 2D be printed - books and copies and newspapers - but 3D things can be created and manufactured based on plot points and axis control and software.

I don't want to suggest that they're not artistry, but they're repeatable and (depending on the specs) perfect. So where's the 3D paintbrush, the 3D pen, that one might have expected to come before? History is reversed in our modern age. Printing before artistry.

It was fixing 3D printing that got designers Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue to realize what our age was missing. They invented it.

Imagine a glue gun that extrudes a "line" of plastic in the air. Their 3D pen can draw in all dimensions in multiple colors in free-space.

You have to see it:

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