1998 Visionary

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The 1998 Visionary Awards were presented to:

Visionary Winners 98

Front row: Sue Cooper, Barbara Cass (SDF Forum Director)
Guy Kawasaki, Esther Dyson, Marian Cauwet, Tom Proulx, James Gosling
Back row: Stephen Friedman (SDF Board Chairman), Chuck Berg (SDF Exec. Council
President), Sandy Reed, Nathan Myhrvold, Ted Schlein, Edwin Catmull, Jerry Yang


Edwin Catmull: Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Pixar, Dr. Catmull's work in the field of digital animation has re-created an industry. In 1996, he received an Academy Award for his part in pioneering digital compositing.

Alan Cooper: Known as "The Father of Visual Basic" for his invention of that popular Microsoft visual language product, Cooper is always on the cutting edge of software development. As President of Cooper Interaction Design, he now specializes in Goal Directed Design to balance the needs of people with the capabilities of technology. (Award accepted by Sue Cooper.

John Doerr: Joining Intel in 1975, Doerr moved from engineer to marketer to top ranked salesman for microcomputer technology. Today, as a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers Venture Capital, he works tirelessly on behalf of entrepreneurs and technology. Doerr has sponsored or sits on the board of many well known technology companies. (Award accepted by Ted Schlein.

Donna Dubinsky & Jeff Hawkins: Responsible for the introduction of the award-winning PalmPilot, Dubinsky & Hawkins have redefined the direction of personal computing. Dubinsky has been the company's driving strategic force, while Hawkins oversees the technical direction and product design. (Award accepted by Marian Cauwet.

Esther Dyson: She has influenced the industry with her ideas. Known for Release 1.0, her monthly Newsletter is considered an industry standard. Dyson is Chairman of EDventure Holdings, an information technology company focusing on emerging computer markets.

Guy Kawasaki: He defined the role of Software Evangelist and was instrumental in making Apple a household name. Kawasaki is now CEO of Garage.com, a firm dedicated to assisting high technology startups. He is a noted columnist and author of scintillating books on computer technology marketing.

Scott McNealy: Under McNealy's guidance, Sun Microsystems has become a powerful computing server and software market force focused on Open Systems and Network Computing. Now Scott and Sun are going a step further by evangelizing JAVA as the ultimate portable programming solution. (Award accepted by James Gosling.

Robert Metcalfe: Over two decades ago, Dr. Metcalfe invented Ethernet, the protocol that began the networking and internet revolution. He later founded 3Com Corporation to help commercialize this technology. Now a technology pundit and Infoworld columnist, he stays in close touch with the continuing development of the Information Superhighway. (Award accepted by Sandy Reed.)

Nathan Myhrvold: As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Myhrvold is the key visionary behind Microsoft's multi-billion dollar R&D activities. He previously led the group that created Microsoft's $4 billion applications business.

Tom Proulx: A consumer software pioneer, Proulx's development of Quicken at Intuit changed peoples lives. A 1992 recipient of Inc.'s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Proulx later became an industry advocate, co-founding California Technology Alliance. Currently, Proulx is back in the world of start-ups as CEO of Netpulse Communications, Inc. doing touch-screen computers that attach to exercise equipment.

Jerry Yang: Yahoo! has allowed millions easy access to the fruits of the internet. Yang, a visionary and co-founder has helped build Yahoo! into one of the most recognized brands associated with the Internet and a leading force in the Internet Industry. Started as a hobby, Yahoo! now is the largest single guide to the Web.