Business Intelligence SIG: Recommendation: A Quick Introduction



  • Recommendation:  A Quick Introduction


    This talk will provide a brief introduction to automated recommendation, one of the most important applications of data mining and machine learning.  Recommendation systems are becoming more pervasive because they increase profit and adding recommendations is one of the most effective ways of adding intelligence to businesses' user interfaces. The stories of Amazon's introduction of shopping recommendations, LinkedIn's and Facebook's introduction of recommended links to "people you may know" and friends to connect to, and of Netflix's movie recommendation contest are widely known.  The talk will provide an overview and a glimpse under the hoods of recommenders. It will not be comprehensive but will show a few state-of-the-art methods, techniques and systems. Some of the processes required to build and run recommenders successfully will be described. You will come away with some understanding of relevant terms and technology and of some of the most important approaches.

    Bio: Paul O'Rorke recently led development of a cloud-based personalized recommender for Android mobile phones manufactured by Sony Mobile. Paul is passionate about using data mining, machine learning, and analytics to build software  Learning and has conducted research at institutes and universities. O'Rorke also has extensive software architecture, design and development experience. He enjoys driving ideas from prototypes into widely used systems. Paul has worked for Silicon Valley start-ups funded by top tier venture firms as well as a global Fortune 100 company.


    6:30pm - 7:00pm - Registration & Networking

    7:00pm - 8:30pm - Presentation