1999 Visionary

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Marc Andreessen: After helping to create Mosaic and then Netscape's Internet browser, the commercial software that kicked the World Wide Web into hyper-drive, Andreessen is now chief technology officer at AOL, Inc. His responsibilities include technology evaluation, strategy investments, partnerships and acquisitions that will help AOL continue to set the pace in this evolving industry.

Kaye Caldwell: As the industry's voice to government, Kaye Caldwell pioneered the effort to make government more receptive to the software and electronic commerce industries. Beginning with her successful campaign for California law to treat custom software development as a service, not a taxable product, Kaye has led the way to ensuring that government understands the needs of the industry.

Doug Engelbart: Inventor, discoverer, and dreamer, Doug is a soft-spoken man who helped to usher in an area of personal computing, office automation and global connectivity. Best known for bringing us the mouse, he is now moving beyond technology into the development of co-dependent systems which incorporate the human element necessary to harness our technology innovations.

Bill Gates: With foresight and vision, Bill Gates helped build a foundation for PC development. Based upon the belief that the personal computer would be a valuable tool on every office desktop and in every home, Bill created Microsoft to develop software and systems that empower and connect people and businesses anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

<James Gosling: Best known as the father of the JAVA programming language, James is a VP and fellow at Sun Microsystems. His work has included development of satellite data acquisition systems, compilers, a multi-processor version of UNIX, mail systems, a WYSIWYG text editor, a drawing editor and window managers, It's hard to envision a more energetic technological industry leader.

Pierre Omidyar: A casual dinner conversation and his fiancée's passion for collecting Pez dispensers sparked Pierre to develop a trading solution, an online auction, now called eBay. Instrumental in leading Ink Development Corp. into internet shopping in 1993, Pierre understood the potential power of the internet for consumer trading. The phenomenal growth of eBay has made it a model for others.

Ann Winblad: A founding partner of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Ann is recognized for her efforts as the champion for the software entrepreneur. She is one of the earliest and most influential investors in both desktop software and the internet. A successful software entrepreneur, Ann pioneered in the software industry by developing start-ups into major companies and becoming one of the industry's leading venture capitalists


The 1999 Visionary Awards were presented to:

Visionary Winners 99

Front row: Pierre Omidyar, Kaye Caldwell, Doug Engelbart, Ann Winblad
Back row: Steve Savignano (standing in for Marc Andreesson)
Sandy Herz (SVForum's Executive Director), James Gosling, Bill Gates