At SVForum's December 4th half-day conference "iHuman: The Future of Minds and Machines" we will set the stage to discuss how the creation of Artificial Intelligence today will impact the world of tomorrow.

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Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Thu 12/4, 02:00PM - 07:30PM. Silicon Valley, CA

There's no doubt that AI technology will affect our lives. 2025 is only eleven years away, and futurists and entrepreneurs are all wondering: what will our world look like when computers have learned how to "think"? Join us at our half-day conference on Dec 4th to find out!

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Thu 12/11, 08:00AM - 09:30AM. Palo Alto, CA

The VC Breakfast Club provides a terrific opportunity for entrepreneurs! Up to 10 participants meet monthly with a VC or Angel Group in a relaxed, informal setting, to build relati

Thu 12/4, 08:30AM - 09:30AM. Palo Alto, CA

Up to 10 participants meet monthly with a VC or Angel Group in a relaxed, informal setting, to build relationships and get valuable feedback on their startup idea. 

Tue 12/9, 08:00AM - 10:00AM. Palo Alto, CA

Technology does not stand still in Silicon Valley for long—the next billion dollar idea or company is simmering in someone's head right now, waiting for its chance to go public. What will it be?

Mon 12/8, 05:30PM - 09:00PM. San Mateo, CA

The first virtual residency in history is being launched—and you are invited to be part of the occasion! Please join us to celebrate the inauguration of Steve Jurvetson and Tim Draper as the first Americans to hold an e-residency in Estonia, which will be presented by the Prime Minister of Estonia Mr. Taavi Rõivas.

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Ron Lichty
Jul 09 2014

Wearable Wednesday SF on July 9!


Ron Lichty
Jun 27 2014

Project of Topher White, son of longtime SVForum volunteer and Stanford prof Bebo White. "Technology that can stop illegal logging and poaching on...

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